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What is iGreen?

With iGreen solution you can

  • Optimize in one click

iGreen solution allows you to take control of your home appliances with ease ― all on your gadget. With one click, you can switch off or switch on any appliance in your home.
  • Save a lot of money

The more you use, the more you pay; that is the rule of energy companies. iGreen solution significantly help you reduce your consumption, saving you nothing lesser than 40% compared to your current bill.
  • Smart home control

iGreen solutions help you control your home appliances remotely ― from work or even in the bus. If you forgot to switch of your light bulb, don’t worry, you can still do that on your phone. Our smart home control makes you smarter with your home appliances.
  • Save the world

The green agenda is to reduce global warming. iGreen solution helps you use lesser electricity. This is can be your greatest contribution to the world’s fight against global warming. Together, we can save the world!

You don’t need to partner with us, instead, we want to partner with you to help you reduce your energy charge significantly. Using our technology can help you cut your expenses on electricity bill by 40 percent.

You only need your smart devices and gadgets to start. With a click, you can decide the brightness of your light bulb, the amount of energy to be used daily, because we help you track just that.

Provided it is a Wi-fi enabled device, you are good to go with your control. Our technology is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows operating system smart devices.

iGreen solution takes pride in its reputation, customer satisfaction and affordability. We prioritize making the world greener than any other thing. When you are in need of assistance with your home automation system, our customer service team are always ready to help.

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