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About Us

Who We Are

A group of skilled people that enthusiast from green products

skilled and experienced developers and a founder that had root for business development and business modeling.

We created the perfect win win model

Clients are saving money and make the world greener at the same time, We reduce costs and produce efficiency and priceless convenience when enabling remote control.

The new age of energy efficiency

Energy management system that developed with an AI and Machine learning techniques to create optimization in electricity usage



We are seeking to help solving to major problems in our world:

  • A win-win model that creates a green environment and electricity cost-saving by using electricity more efficiently, the solution should save electricity in real-time, 24/7, and with no additional efforts.
  • Better understanding, better efficiency, better iGreen. 

Change Live To The Best

Start With A Vision

Convenient Automation

Education & Upgrowth


A team of 25 people, from developers and designers to
engineers/finance/PR and more, working in agile methodology
and in projectile mode, saving 95% of a regular company costs.

The founder is an experienced entrepreneur, founded two startup companies that raised 5M$, with strong technical skills along with financial experience and education. an MBA graduate, managed over 40 employees around the globe: Developers, Designers, Engineers, Content,PR,
Finance and Legal.